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I’m Candy. I live in London with my husband, cat and axolotl. Join me on my quest for a whimsical life and take a peek at my adventures in fashion, food and crafts!

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So I hear you’re new to this whole “Owl Girl” deal, huh? Why not click the images below to take a peek at some of my most popular blog posts to date. It’ll be fun!

What to pack for a short city break

What to pack for a short city break


Learn to make: RAINBOW CAKE!

Crafting through anxiety and depression

Crafting through anxiety and depression

Blackbird Tea Rooms – A Slice of Brighton’s Past!

I went to this delightful tea room and loved it so much, I had to blog about it! I’ve also blogged about lots of other amazing cafes around the UK.

Blackbird tea rooms More Cafes Reviews

About this blog

Right, well…

I have always been wary of getting a blog, because i have kept a diary since i was eight, and i didn’t want to stop writing in it. and i haven’t written in it for a long time, come to think of it. i really should.

I was considering doing the whole videoblog vlogging thing, but it seemed like so much hassle, and also everyone would hear my voice, and see my glasses, and so on. i like to keep the air of mystery alive. haha!

The main reasons i have started this are as follows:

  1. it is late at night
  2. i have this weird sort of dream of becoming an internet sensation.
  3. i want to share my weirdness with the world in an odd sort of way… if i can keep this up, then you will soon discover what i mean!


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