Permed Hair Care: Tipps and FAQs


A perm can save a lot of styling effort. Part of the time saved should be invested in good hair care. Every chemical treatment strains the hair structure and makes the hair shaft porous. Part of the putty substance of the hair is dissolved out by the waving preparations and cavities are created in the … Read more

Too Much Sound: When Noise Makes You Sick

noise pollution

The human ear is always in use – what it receives enables communication, fun and ensured the survival of our ancestors. But modern people are often exposed to constant noise, and this can make them ill. The consequences range from hearing damage to depression and cardiovascular disease. How can we protect ourselves from noise pollution … Read more

What to pack for a short city break

What to pack for a short city break

I’m sure you haven’t failed to notice that we’ve been on our anniversary minibreak in Oslo… It’s not like I’ve been posting about anything else! Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, the holiday begins when I’m packing my bags. There’s something so exciting about the anticipation involved. What will we do? What will I need? … Read more

Crafting through anxiety and depression

Crafting through anxiety and depression

One of the most common pieces of blogging advice for fashion or lifestyle bloggers is always “keep it positive”, and “don’t use your blog as a platform to vent about your sadness”. The idea is that people read your blog for escapism and they don’t need you to deliver your negativity to them, which makes … Read more

Learn to make: RAINBOW CAKE!


Chums! The time has finally come for the much-anticipated Rainbow Cake tutorial! This is how to make Rainbow Cake in the UK! This is not a cake for the fainthearted! It contains a LOT of sugar, and a LOT of artificial colouring. It’s the sort of thing I almost certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to … Read more

Post-feminist in a post-patriarchy

post-feminism owl girl

Today, i wore a T-shirt which had “i’m a post-feminist in a post-patriarchy” emblazoned on it. i was being ironic, but i would consider myself a feminist. it really annoys me that feminism has that stigma attached to it of women being ‘anti-men’ or militant lesbians. that stigma was of course put in place by … Read more

My 18th Birthday- ’tis the season to be jolly!

birthday owl girl

On the 21st of December it was my birthday! I had my first ever party. Loads of pictures were taken, but I haven’t managed to get my hands on many of them yet, I am afraid. Quite a few of my friends brought their instruments along and we had lots of jamming. It was great. … Read more


busking owl girl

Walking home from the station at about ten thirty last night, i had one of those moments where being alive feels perfect. there was a beautiful fireworks display going on, which somehow lasted exactly the amount of time that it took me to walk from the station, to my house, and was always visible. ice … Read more