Can I Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Around My Cat?

If you have a feline friend at home, it’s important to be mindful of the safety precautions that need to be taken when using essential oil diffusers. Cats are very sensitive creatures and may not react well to certain smells or fumes. This article will go into detail about what types of oils can be used around cats, as well as how much is too much.

One of the most important things to know about essential oils is that not all are created equal. Some can be dangerous if you don’t follow safety rules and use low-quality or spoiled ones, which will lead in turn to neurological symptoms (fatigue, headaches, irritability) amongst others like allergies!

A great way for me personally was when I learned how much fragrance affects my moods – particularly bad days at work where stress builds up quickly.

Cat Physiology and Essential Oils

Cats are pure carnivores; their digestive system is not designed for plant foods (unlike, for example, dogs), and many of their vulnerabilities stem from this. The cat’s liver does not produce many enzymes that can metabolize the toxic components in essential oils which means they end up with even more health problems than other animals as a result – menthols being one such compound 3 times more toxic to cats than rats.

The main danger to cats is posed by terpenes and their metabolic products. Cats have trouble excreting them in simpler terms, they accumulate which can eventually cause poisoning of the animal if not dealt with quickly enough or at all.

Note. It is not certain that the increased toxicity of essential oils to cats is due to a lack of appropriate enzymes, studies proving this have not been conducted, but the probability is high.

Effects Of Essential Oils On The Cat’s Body When Scenting Rooms

When it comes to spraying essential oils in the air, there is no point in making a list of safe or toxic essential oils. We can only talk about general safety rules: A cat should be able to enter any room with low concentrations if they are ventilated well-enough (your eyes don’t sting when you’re inside) and have access at all times – but not too often as otherwise their sense of smell may become overwhelmed by these scents which could make them sicker than ever before! The last thing anyone needs during Christmas time is some upset kitty running around stressed out because someone didn’t follow the basic principle of keeping cats safe.

Conclusion: It turns out that cats don’t really seem to mind the low concentrations of essential oils in their environment, so long as they’re not being bathed with them. The same could be true for cleaning products used around your home – as long as you clean regularly and thoroughly!

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External Application Of Essential Oils For Cats

The application of essential oils to the skin, coat, or mucous membranes can have many benefits for your cat. However, there are some precautions that need to be taken when applying them externally on cats like tea tree oil which has been known to speed up healing in wounds but also could cause death if applied incorrectly due to its strong fragrance and potency (1 drop per wound). An experiment conducted by researchers from 1998 showed how dangerous this really is: three healthy kitties were treated with flea repellent containing 20% concentration of TTL.

When 20ml of essential oil was applied to each cat, three showed symptoms of severe poisoning: hypothermia (lower than normal body temperature), dehydration, and uncoordinated movements. Two survived but one died due to elevated liver enzymes which is a sign of hepatotoxicity in cats; this means their livers were damaged by something toxic like alcohol or drugs.

Toxicity cases have been reported in which the external application of tea tree essential oil to cats and dogs caused vomiting, convulsions, apathy, or weakness. These signs are typical for poisoning with high doses that can be fatal if not treated immediately

The dangerous side effects from using this plant on your pet come as no surprise considering how powerful it is when ingested by humans too.

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