Closet under the stairs: types, variants of filling, original ideas in a private house

The cabinet under the stairs is characterized by a fairly convenient and practical arrangement, due to which it turns out to rationally use the free space and achieve a functional design.

To date, built-in closets under the stairs have moved from the category of exotic to the category of common everyday furniture. Manufacturing custom cabinets under the stairs is possible for any staircase space. This is an excellent opportunity to produce comfortable furniture of unusual shapes and sizes.

What kind of cabinets are under the stairs?

The usual built in understair wardrobes is the most common. It blends well with the hallway or hallway. In such a staircase closet is convenient to store things and outerwear for walking, as well as shoes, tools, and old junk. If you have a built-in staircase closet with glass doors, it is most likely located in the living room. It would be a great place to keep old books, vases, or expensive crockery. Usually, such cabinets are ordered for private collections.

The cabinet under the stairs with drawers

The most often ordered ladder closet with drawers is a great solution to store work tools, various documents, small items, and materials for hobbies. Making such a cabinet to order is very inexpensive since the design usually does not require refinement and exclusive design. Cabinets and drawers are perfectly hidden under the stairs, extremely roomy, deep, and equipped with a sliding mechanism, with which the extension is simple and comfortable.

Features of the placement of built-in cabinets under the stairs

There are several basic nuances:

  • The marching staircase designs can be straight and have a swivel p-shaped or g-shaped shape, this makes them the easiest and most convenient to combine with different types of cabinets.
  • In the design of spiral staircases, more compact models are most often used, in the form of a drawer, dresser or storage shelves.
  • For a monolithic and large staircase, design is better to choose less bulky cabinets, made in light shades.
  • It is desirable that the material, design, and color solution of the storage system, be combined with the design of the inter-floor stairwell.

Types of cabinets at the bottom of the stairs

These products have several design options.

Built-in open cabinet.

Visually does not clutter the room, gives it space, and gives practicality and grooming. This model assumes an open arrangement of items, so it needs constant care and a full row of shelves and hangers.

The closet compartment

Coupe design, due to the presence of sliding doors, is a particularly good option in case of the need to save space or a limited approach to the stairwell.

With pull-out drawers.

The perfect solution for shallow stairwells with plenty of depth. Drawers are available in various shapes and widths.

With hinged doors.

Swing-type structures, placed under the stairs, are considered the best option for a spacious room. Similar models with flaps, quite often are equipped in the hallway and complete them with a mirror, shoe baskets, and other systems for storing clothes.

Combination cabinets.

These models, which have open and closed sections, are a very interesting design solution. Modules with doors, provide storage for clothes, and on the open shelves, there are beautiful vases, figurines, flowers, and other decor. If there is enough interior space, a TV set is installed in the niche of the closet.

Shelves under the stairs

Quite an original design option is open shelves under the stairs. They are suitable for placing a variety of things and are distinguished by a simple design, the assembly of which can be carried out with your own hands.


Retractable sections can have both horizontal and vertical designs. Each individual structural element moves due to the roller wheels, which do not leave any mechanical damage to the flooring. These roomy pull-out modules suggest storage of bulky items, belongings, sports equipment, or even household appliances for cleaning.

Filling the space under the stairs

The space under the stairs, can be decorated with a variety of storage systems, such as:

  1. For clothes and shoes.
  2. A bookcase.
  3. For storing kitchen utensils.
  4. Household items.
  5. Decorative elements.

The closet under the stairs in the apartment

A built-in closet or combined design creates a unified complex with the internal staircase of the house or apartment. Non-standard solutions play a role in the formation of design and provide convenience to homeowners. Original interior items allow you to: rationally use the space of the staircase niche; free the room from unnecessary bulky furniture; divide the room into separate zones, comfortably place large things and small objects; maintain order; create a complete individual image of the room. Built under the stairs cabinets and shelves are successfully used in the city’s multi-level apartments, multi-story private houses, and cottages. With their own hands make simple versions of open cabinets and some closed models. Modern furniture manufacturing companies are ready to take orders of any complexity, after careful measurement to design furniture in exact accordance with the wishes of the client. Built-in closets – built-in closets to order, custom cabinets –

Ideas for a closet under the stairs in a private home

Stairs leading to the second floor in a country cottage can be placed along the wall or in the center of the room, have a straight form or have a design with a certain spread. In the interior of a private home, under the stairwell, there are a variety of storage systems, such as a pantry, a glass showcase with lighting for collectible wine bottles, a small library, a dressing room, and others.

At the cottage, the space under the stairs is often occupied by special stands, a neat cabinet, or shelves for jars with jam or other preserves.

If the height of the steps is sufficient, podrestnichnoe space, and decorate sections to place various dishes and other utensils. This solution would be especially appropriate for a small kitchen in the house. The living room under the stairs, mainly equip the design, which implies the location of the TV, and has additional shelves for books, photo frames, and other decor.

Also in this zone, it is possible to organize a compact work nook or mini workshop, where due to the original configuration of the cabinet, the room will get a special charm and creative look.

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