Permed Hair Care: Tipps and FAQs

A perm can save a lot of styling effort. Part of the time saved should be invested in good hair care. Every chemical treatment strains the hair structure and makes the hair shaft porous. Part of the putty substance of the hair is dissolved out by the waving preparations and cavities are created in the hair. To prevent the hair from drying out and being damaged after a perm, it must be well cared for afterwards.

Permed hair care

A shampoo for permed hair, a conditioner and, if the hair is not so easy to comb, a hair treatment once a week. For very dry hair, an intensive treatment, so the curls stay alive for a long time. The conditioner makes the hair easier to comb, adds missing moisture and maintains shine. Consequential damage to the hair is thus reduced. Cures contain a higher concentration of conditioning agents than conditioners. But be careful: too much conditioning agent makes the hair limp. Foam, gel or spray conditioners are not quite as burdensome.

Important: Do not rub damp hair dry, but gently squeeze it with a towel to protect the hair structure. Permanently wavy hair is best dried in the air and kneaded with a little styling foam especially for curls, styling cream or gel to bring out the curls better. Blow dryer heat will stress the hair. However, there are care/styling products on the market (special mousses or spray lotions) that are supposed to protect the hair from heat. Use care products with UV filters when on summer vacation.

Careful detangling with a coarse, wide-toothed comb or skeleton brush after washing is gentler on the new hairstyle than intensive brushing. The latter pulls the curls out again too quickly. Afterwards, run your fingers loosely through the hair, which is usually enough for styling.

To make the curls last longer, the fresh perm should be washed after two days at the earliest. Regular cleaning should also only happen every two to three days. Too frequent washing damages the curly hairstyle. The advantage of a perm is that the hair does not grease as quickly.

Experts advise against perming hair longer than 30 cm, because the weight of the hair is too great for lively curls. Simultaneous coloring also damages the hair structure, split ends and hair breakage can be the result. If you still don’t want to give up coloring, you should seek expert advice from a hairdresser.

In general, the hairdresser should decide on the possibility and type of perm only after a detailed analysis of the hair structure. Factors such as fine or thick hair, other chemical pre-treatments such as bleaching and hair health all play a role.

Maintaining perm

Gradually, the perm prevails against the straight hair. A good perm leads to beautiful curls, but this requires proper perm care. This is the basic requirement for beautiful curls, because permed hair in particular should be intensively cared for, so that the waves remain healthy and also beautiful for a long time.

Perm care begins even before washing. Hairdressers recommend that the hair is combed in advance with a high-quality comb. The hair should be combed out starting from the tips to the roots. This will prevent the curls from being damaged. Afterwards, the hair should be washed with a moisturizing shampoo. Special perm products can be purchased in stores for this purpose, such as a special shampoo for permed hair or a repair shampoo. A conditioner also ensures that the hair is easy to comb. In addition, thanks to the conditioner, the hair is additionally sealed and a protective film is left on the hair.

A hair conditioner should also be part of the care. This can be done weekly or monthly. After washing, the hair should not be rubbed dry, but only gently squeezed in a towel. The hair should not be hot blow-dried, but ideally air-dried, because the heat damages the hair structure. A drying hood or curlers are also not recommended. You can bring the perm into shape with a mild styling foam. With special care sprays for curls you can also bring the perm into shape. Frequent washing is also not optimal for perm care, because it shortens the durability. More than three perms a year are not recommended.

Give the perm a lot of moisture

For optimal care, the hair should be given a lot of moisture, otherwise they become porous and can look straw-like. Thanks to the moisture, you can shape the perm, because the curls will get a better bounce. In addition, you can massage a hair oil into the hair. This gives the hair equally valuable moisture.

As an additional protection, the oil can also be left to work overnight and the next day the hair is washed as usual. This will provide optimal care for the curls after the perm and you can bring the perm into shape. The hair should always be treated very gently. The care products should not contain alcohol, because this dries out the hair and also the scalp.

Furthermore, additional chemical products such as dyes should be avoided, because the hair becomes very coarse-pored due to the perm, so that the color is absorbed more strongly. Bringing the perm into shape is more difficult due to the additional damage.

A perm looks very beautiful, but from this guide it is easy to see how important the optimal perm care is, because due to the chemical process the hair structure is changed. The hair becomes more porous due to the perm. This means that it not only absorbs moisture more slowly, but the hair also loses it faster.

Due to hot devices such as a hair dryer, this happens in double strength. Therefore, perm requires intensive care so that your hair is not damaged and you can enjoy the beautiful curls for a long time.

Frequently asked questions about perm

  • Perm and color/blonding, is it possible at the same time?

Each of these chemical treatments makes the hair shaft porous and stresses the hair structure. One should, in order not to expose the hair to double stress, opt for only one chemical intervention.
Also, all the cures or nourishing creams available on the hair cosmetics market cannot protect the hair – even if they are applied before a perm or color. The reason: any chemical hair treatment penetrates deep into the hair and has a “stronger” effect than any “protective cream”. A tint, on the other hand, is less problematic, as it only works from the outside…more about tints

  • How often can I have a perm done?

Today there are a variety of different perm preparations that are tailored to different hair structures and also the desired result. It depends here very much on the current condition of the hair structure. This question should always be answered by a hairdresser in the salon.

  • When can I dye again after a perm?

You should wait until the treated hair has completely “grown out” and new untreated hair has grown back. With short hair this can be after months, with long hair it can take many years.

  • What do I have to take into account when perming ? What is the best care?

Just as important as the professional execution of the perm is the care: suitable shampoo, conditioner and once a week a hair treatment will keep the curls looking alive for a long time. Only those who have naturally extremely dry hair should do a spa pack once a week after a perm. More care is also called for on summer vacations at the seaside, because the sun and salt water dry out the hair a lot. Therefore, use care products that contain UV filters.

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